Merry Christmas

After a long time of abstinence of my blog I'm back. I arrived two days ago at my Family. After over seven month fare away from home I'm so glad to be at my Family for Christmas. I wish you all happy holidays and enjoy your beloved.

Russian German Friendship

After my lovely stay in St.Petersburg I was driving in more or less a straight line to Perm and Ekaterinburg, and the road was leading me trough the Russian countryside with is poor appearence compared to the Cities which are wealthy like in Europe. All people are very kind to me but especially on the countryside it’s hard for to get in contact with them because I sadly doesn’t speak Russian. The streets are getting more interesting but the parts which are unpaved are transforming to a bikers nightmare when they are getting wet and I have to balance for kilometres in my first gear over the slippery ground. Also just a short stop at the street side can be dangerous when the ground looks stable but isn’t after days of rain.

In the evening I want to search myself a nice camping place when I see this nice view in the light of the setting sun. Right in this moment showing up two motorcyclists from Moscow and ask me to join them to a nice spot for camping. This was the beginning of some funn…

In a though World.

Hello my friends I'm back in civilisation. It's strange course I still don't speak Russian but wenn I was crossing the boarder to Russia it feels like coming home. Everything is clean and ordert again.
Now I'm in Novosibirsk and have to fix my bike with this huge maintenance jam and defects of Mongolia.

Here if you like to see the full damage.
There was nothing stuck in the tyre. The tyre is just completely worn out from the sharp stones. Therefore the tyre repair wasn't helping and I had to put a tube inside.
Both screws of the top case luggage rack are broken.
To find out how all this happend stay connected.

Eremitage St. Petersburg

The incredible Eremitage is such a huch museum of so much wealth and abundance. It was impossible to see everything and my Argentinien friend of the hostel and I have to leave after a couple of hours. Otherwise our heads beginn to explode of to much stuff to see.